A good compost can take up to three to six months to develop. It’s much easier than it sounds, and, if done correctly, your garden and plants will reap the benefits for years to come. It will also save you space in your green bin or a trip to the tip by providing a place […]

Chainsaw Safety Guide

Whether you’re a professional or an occasional user, you can never be too safe when it comes to operating any kind of power tool, particularly high performance tools like chainsaws. Check out our six quick and simple tips to ensure that your chainsaw performs its best and that you’re safe whilst you’re using it. 1. […]

STIHL Australia’s Most Trusted Brand

We are excited to announce that STIHL has once again been voted Australia’s Most Trusted Brand in the Garden Power Tools category. This is the fourth time that STIHL have won this highly coveted award as part of the annual Reader’s Digest Australia’s Most Trusted survey, a survey which is designed to uncover the brands that Australians believe […]

Spring Gardens are made in Winter

It’s officially winter! And, while it might feel a little cool out there, it’s actually an excellent time to be out in the garden. Working outdoors is less physically demanding during the cooler months. Soils are moist, and there’s plenty you can be doing to prepare your garden for cooler weather and the next change […]

Summer Survival Guide

It’s important to prepare your garden for the extreme conditions that we can expect during summer. Let’s be honest, your garden is going to struggle with the change in season either way, but there are plenty of things you can do to help it cope. MULCH FOR MOISTURE Applying a layer of mulch to your […]

Bush Fire Safety & Prevention Tips

In the lead up to the hottest and driest time of the year, STIHL Dealer and Captain of the Mount Taylor Fire Brigade, Geoff Crane, provides a guide on how to best prepare and safeguard your home against bushfires. TIP 1: MODIFY VEGETATION This is a key aspect when preparing against bush fires regardless of […]

What Protective Equipment Do You Need?

As we head into Spring, the temperatures and hours of daylight will increase, along with the demands of your garden. Wearing the correct personal protective gear is important year round, but even more so at this time of year when you are most active in your garden and using your tools more frequently. Injuries in […]

Spring Gardening Guide

Your garden may look a little tired and dull after Winter has taken its toll, so a quick garden makeover is well timed as the weather starts to get warmer and Spring kicks in. Here are our top tips of what to do to get the most out of your garden this Spring. BRING YOUR […]

STIHL Battery Powered Shears

This great little tool delivers the same precision cuts as hand-held shears without any of the physical exertion. No more sore hands or tired muscles. Simply click the cutting head in, press the on button and you’re off. Cut, trim, prune and shape your ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges in no time. It even edges […]