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Lawn Scarifier with NH150 (Domestic) LS380
Lawn Scarifier with NH150 (Domestic) LS380
Lawn Scarifier with NH150 (Domestic) LS380

Lawn Scarifier with NH150 (Domestic) LS380

$713.90 AUD

Our lawn scarifier comes with NH150 5HP engine, catcher, scarifier cylinder and rake cyclinder; this is a very versatile machine. The scarifier removes grass to the soil layer to fix spongy turf where the grass stems are too long. For spring renovation (lawn reno) all the grass is removed and a top dressing spread to give a short tight and firm lawn during the summer. As for the rake, it removes dead grass leaves, debris and other organic matter that lies in between grass blades and the soil’s surface. Promotes air circulation to the soil and promotes healthy grass.

The petrol powered scarifier provides effective clearing thanks to its working width of 38 cm and is extremely easy to navigate because of its light weight and the easy-running wheels. It’s a serious machine at a very reasonable price.

Quality and durability are nothing without support. We carry spare parts to ensure you get simply the very best support, whenever you need it.


Cutting Width (cm) 38
Engine Model GB160
Engine bore & stroke 68×45
Engine Rated Power (HP) 5.5
Engine oil capacity (L) 0.6
Recommended Oil SAE-10W-30
Engine Fuel Capacity (L) 3.9
Engine Emissions EPA
Comes with: 1x Catcher
1x Scarifier blade
1x Dethatching rake